Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · 5th Annual Athletic Department Auction and Fundraiser

Dear Miller Fans and Springfield Community,

I am excited to announce the 5th Annual Athletic Department Auction and Fundraiser on May 20, 2017.

This year we have selected the Springfield High School Girls’ Soccer Program to be the recipient of this year’s auction funds.

With current district budget constraints, our schools must rely more than ever on community support. The money raised at this event will be used to replace existing goals that are a safety hazard, as well as field maintenance, uniforms, and equipment.

Your support of this program will make a difference in our community.

Girls who play sports do better in school It’s true. Through sports they learn dedication and discipline, both of which are important in getting good grades.

Participation in a team sport teaches girls leadership From helping to organize team activities to leading a team to victory, a girl playing soccer can run the show and she’ll learn a lot in the process.

Playing soccer teaches valuable skills—like work ethic and cooperation Soccer requires focus, determination, and teamwork. All of these lessons are valuable, not just for the immediate future of the young ladies on the team, but also for their future as a part of our community.

There are several ways you can help!

Sponsor an gift basket or item in the Silent Auction

Sponsor an item for the Live Auction

Sponsor a table at the event – see attached for sponsorship level opportunities

Attached is a donation/sponsorship form. With your generous donation you will receive a team picture and a receipt with our Tax ID number. Should you need a Tax ID# in advance of your donation, please feel free to contact me.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Click Here For Donation Request Letter


Audrea Shelley

Athletic Director

(541) 744-4791